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Links I like {2}

lotus_linkroundup Do you know what that (above) is? I had no idea until last week, when my boyfriend & I were checking out the newest Korean grocery store in Cambridge and he taught me about a popular Asian vegetable, lotus roots. I was initially skeptical but, after trying them, I’m a huge fan. We sauteed them in olive oil, red chili pepper paste, and a sprinkle of salt & pepper. Wow, so simple and delicious. Anyways, it’s Thursday and that means links:

food insecurity // food politics // food career

Waiting for the 8th: Pulitzer Prize & James Beard Award winning article (generally) about America’s failing food stamp program and urban poverty. It focuses in on one hard-working yet poverty-stricken family. An eye-opening must-read for anyone and everyone.

What if everyone in the world became a vegetarian?: Lessened climate change and improvement in the growing bacterial resistance epidemic, for starters. Speaking of which…

Public Health: The politics of antibiotics: Antibiotic resistance has become a huge public health concern. Learn more about the antibiotic epidemic and potential policy solutions via this Nature article.

Food Law & Policy Career Guide: I found this link on Marion Nestle’s blog. A priceless wealth of information if you’re interested in working in food law and/or policy.

in other news:
To Buy Happiness, Purchase an Experience With that, you should know that is a super cool tool for travel planning, so check it out before you plan your next vaycay.

xx Laura



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